(August 24, 2018)

New Features:

  • Gantt labels localized
    • Some gantt
      labels were not being localized.

Corrected Issues:

  • Activities View Error – Input string was not in a
    correct format

    • Fixed an issue that would prevent saving a job in
      the Activities grid activity update control if a Material Requirement was
      configured without specifying a warehouse.
  • Split Operation Activity Demand is not rounded
  • Job fails to schedule on move
    • Fixed an issue
      that could cause an operation to fail to schedule after move.
  • Prevent entry of material requirements for 0 quantity.
    • Added
      validation to reject material requirements of 0 or less.
  • Manual Scheduling Only doesn’t work for drag and drop
    from Jobs grid

    • If you drag and
      drop a job from the jobs window on to a manual scheduling only resource, the
      job doesn’t schedule.
  • Jobs being pushed past planning horizon when some
    operations are finished

    • Fixed an issue
      that caused jobs to schedule past the planning horizon when some operations
      were finished.
  • Gantt Draw Loop Exception when selecting multiple
    activity blocks
  • Unable to close the login dialog after certain login
  • Duplicate buy-direct materials causing error
    • Added
      validation for duplicate buy-direct material requirements
  • Transfer orders aren’t creating adjustments for the
    destination warehouse.

    • Adjustments for
      transfer orders aren’t being created for the destination warehouse.
    • In the provided
      example a transfer order is scheduled to transfer material from an inventory
      that never has enough material to fulfill the transfer order so  a
      negative adjustment for the material is created for the source inventory at the
      planning horizon, but no corresponding adjustment is created for inventory in
      the destination warehouse.
    • Resolution: A
      corresponding adjustment is created for the destination warehouse.

Minor Changes:

  • Client Freezes on Data Refresh
    • Fixed an issue
      when importing a large quantity of capacity intervals that could cause the
      client to freeze.
  • Activity set to ManualUpdateOnly when saved due to
    incorrect production status calculation

    • Fixed an issue
      that would cause Waiting operations the be marked as manual update only when
      the job is saved with the Job Dialog.
  • Inventory: Detail doesn’t show Forecast Adjustments
    • Forecast demand
      now displays in the Inventory detail plot if the include forecast in net
      inventory option is enabled.
  • Gantt: Material: Latest Material Source Line
    • Latest Material
      Source has been added as a gantt line and materials grid column. This will show
      the material source that is used closest to where the operation is scheduled.
      This can be useful to see if an operation can be moved earlier on a resource.