Accessing the Forecasts view

Forecasts view allows you view current forecasts, generate new ones and adjust forecasts. To access the view,

  1. Select one or more Inventory records from the Inventory Plan view.
  2. Click Forecasts to view the Forecasts view.

Generating Forecasts

To generate forecasts, select one or more inventories in Inventory plan and click Generate in the Forecasts view.

In the forecast generator dialog, specify the following parameters

  1. Forecast Interval: This is specifies the time interval between each generated forecast (i.e. Quarter, Month, Week, Day).
  2. Number of Intervals to forecasts: This tells APS how many forecasts to generate.
  3. First Interval Date: Specifies the date of the first forecast that is generated.
  4. Type of forecast: Specifies how quantities for each forecast are calculated. Two types are available,
    1. Manual: This type of forecasting allows the user to specify a quantity for the first interval; subsequent quantities can either be equal to the first (all quantities are the same) or can increase or decrease by a percentage.
    2. Automatic: With this type of forecasting, APS uses sales order history to automatically calculate the quantity at each interval. For this method, APS uses Autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) algorithm. When using this type of forecasting, you can specify ‘the number of sales history’ to consider when running the algorithm.