Red = Can be Imported

* = Required





Analysis If overridden in a parent class, returns a string containing analysis about the object. Else returns an empty string.(Inherited from BaseIdObject.)
Attributes (Inherited from BaseObject.)
AttributesSummary (Inherited from BaseObject.)
CustomFlagsList Flags that are created with a customization. These values are stored. This value is initially null. To add a Flag a list must first be created. This is to save on memory since this list is possible for every BaseIdObject in the system.(Inherited from BaseIdObject.)
DefaultNamePrefix Used as a prefix for generating default names(Overrides BaseObject..::.DefaultNamePrefix.)


Department Frozen Span Hours Double


Text for describing the object.(Inherited from BaseObject.) String


Identifier for external system references.(Overrides ExternalBaseIdObject..::.ExternalId.) String
Id Unique, unchangeable, numeric identifier.(Inherited from BaseIdObject.)


Unique, changeable, text identifier.(Inherited from BaseObject.) String


Comments or special considerations pertaining to this object.(Inherited from BaseObject.) String


ID of the Plant to which the Department belongs String
PlantId ID of the Plant to which the Resource belongs
PlantName Name of the Plant to which the Resource belongs
ResourceCount Number of Resources belonging to the Department
Resources Resources belonging to the Department


Used for sorting in the Gantt and reports. Int32
StandardFlagsList An internally generated list of Flags to alert users to particular conditions. These are not stored in the objects but can be generated by an object on demand. This value is null unless overridden in a derived object.(Inherited from BaseIdObject.)
UniqueId (Overrides BaseObject..::.UniqueId.)


When active Deparment Frozen Span will override Plant Frozen Span Boolean


Optional list of user-defined fields. Null if not initialized.(Inherited from BaseObject.) String

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